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Sponsor A Teach1Serve10 Free Clinic Day


Hurry, Spaces Are Filling Fast For The October 8, 2023 Event in Las Vegas, NV!

The consumer facing side of the IPA conference series, Teach1Serve10 combines community service, education, access and compassion to those who lack insurance, suffer from intractable or terminal illnesses. To be considered as a sponsor for the Teach1Serve10 Free Clinic Day companion event, please fill out the form below and be as specific as possible in replies as that is what is going to qualify your operation. 



Space is limited and shall only be made available to otherwise qualifying businesses, select associations and/or nonprofit organizations that align with IPA’s code of ethics and professional standards. All sponsorships INCLUDE a full-color pop-up tent, dye-sublimated fabric that proudly displays your own brand images, logos and contact information in order to properly represent your brand while adhering to the IPA and T1S10 minimum conference and exposition standards. 


If sponsors plan to sponsor multiple IPAC conferences each year, IPA will set-up, strike, store, ship and redeploy the tent at each IPA conference, inclusive of other benefits. Conversely, if sponsors don’t see the value in sponsoring multiple shows a year, they can take their tents home for good at no additional costs. This allows IPA to enforce brand standards.



One of our sponsorship coordinators will be in touch with you shortly. Not all businesses will qualify. Conversely, not all the businesses who apply will be chosen. There are limited spaces available to the companies and organizations that want to be a big part of the emerging change, showing the community where their hearts are. Each sponsorship equates into positive measurable change so get involved in serving your community today. 


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^ – Nonprofits, Certified B-Corps and Qualifying entities may sponsor the IPAC for as little as $2,500, however, all other sponsorships range from $5,000 for start-ups to $25K for a title sponsorship.