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A Joint-Incubation Between:

A local Joint-Incubation between the Compassion Center and the Integrative Providers Association (IPA), the Teach1Serve10 Free Clinic Day is being incubated by the Center for Incubation & Findings Research (CIFR) to provide medical professionals a reliable, and otherwise recurring, clinical practicum venue specializing in integrative/allopathic medicine in order to Discover, Educate, Unite and Empower our Integrative Providers while expanding the typical scope of an education venue to combat uncompensated care, opioid harm/risk reduction and chronic pain while addressing a categorically complex, pharmaceutical-resistant population with viable solutions to their conditions.


While the attendees are never charged, the providers that serve are sometimes paid. In any case, for every patient seen by the providers at a Teach1Serve10 Free Clinic Day, the local economy stands to save on average $1300 and the emergency room is reserved for those who are seeking life saving treatments. Furthermore, 100% of the funds collected on behalf of T1S10 are used to benefit T1S10 exclusively.


Donations to T1S10 are tax-deductible within the confines of a 501(c)(3) public charity.