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Hi, welcome to the Teach1:Serve10 Free Clinic Scholarship Waiver Committee Page. If you are underserved, and really can’t afford the less than $5 administrative fee to verify your identity, we are here to help you obtain a scholarship. Please fill out the form below and we will let you know what type of supporting information or documentation that we may need from you in order to finalize your approval, which will result in a refund of the fee. All committee decisions are based on a rubric, and all committee decisions are final.

The Compassion Center and the Integrative Providers Association (IPA) are collaboratively working together to incubate this program in an inclusive manner to ensure broad range adoption by all local underserved populations. Usage of this program, however, is strictly voluntary, and participation in the program is provided free of charge and free of liability, on either part. Therefore, IPA and Compassion Center are providing this service to attendees as a charity outreach program and shall be held harmless from any and all liabilities, damages- including financial- or associated risks with, and/or incurred by, attendees and/or participants of either IPA/IPAC event and/or Teach1:Serve10 Free Clinic Day. The clinic is providing consultations with licensed healthcare providers, and attendees agree in advance that all participation is consensual to the participant and engaged in voluntarily.